Hello!  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mary Helmbrecht and I am a licensed professional counselor, mental health provider, and nationally certified counselor.  I have been practicing in community mental health for 5 years with my focus being mostly on individuals ages 8 and older and their families.  I moved into private practice in March 2019. And enjoy doing individual and couples counseling.  I work very well with adolescent girls (12 & older) and adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, phase of life issues, and symptoms of trauma.

During my time working in homes with families, I have learned a lot about parenting and how strong relationships between parents and caregivers can serve as a solid base for children to grow in to physical, emotionally, and mentally healthy adults.  I truly love doing individual  therapy, but I am now shifting my focus towards working with couples to create loving and lasting relationships.  Often times the relaionship traps we find ourselves in we’re modeled for us buy our own parents or the result of disruptive issues that sprouted during childhood.  By working through these traps and helping clients be more open and aware to how we send and receive love, my goal is to help people overcome the obstacles that are in the way of healthier and happier lives.

All of my work is trauma-informed and I am currently undergoing training to become a Certified Gottman Couple’s Therapist.  My work is client-centered, but I pull techniques and interventions from other therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Solution-Focused Brief Therpy and use gentle confrontation and reframing to help initiate clarity and take the first steps towards stability.

Periodically on this blog, I will be posting more information on healthy communication, activities to increase connection in your marriage, tips on co-parenting and surviving divorce, and all-things relationship.

We all have times in our lives where the world feels like it is too much.  I am here to give you guidance and a safe space to explore the issues during some of your most difficult times.