Pay here

Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted for payment.  *Please note that payment is required at the time that services are rendered.  Telehealth payments must be made prior to sessions.

Cancellation Policy

In an effort to serve as many individuals and families as possible, we ask that you provide at least a 24-hour notice for any cancellations.  *Cancellations or missed appointments will be charged a cancellation fee of $65.

Insurances Accepted

Aetna/Aetna EAP

Anthem/Anthem EAP

Beacon/ Beacon EAP

Behavioral Health Systems/ EAP


Bright Health Plan

Cigna/ Cigna EAP


CoverKids (Amerigroup/BCBS)

EAP Works



Optum/ Optum EAP

Humana/ Humana EAP

TriCare East


New Directions EAP



UHC Student Resources

United HealthCare 



……….and more


Fees without Insurance

  • Licensed Counselors: $85-$150
  • Board Certified Counselor: $70
  • Masters Level Counselor: $65
  • Intern: $40


Good Faith Estimate 

I understand that I will be responsible for all charges related to the services provided to me by Life Connections Counseling Services. 

I understand that the charges presented to me are due in full on the day of service. I also understand that these charges are solely in relation to professional services provided by the clinician, and or other services that are performed in the office. 

I will also be responsible for all missed appointment fees and cancellation fees billed to me separately from Life Connections Counseling. 

The client or parent/guardian of the client (age 16 and younger) certifies that he/she has read and hereby accepts the terms and conditions listed below. As per the client’s treatment plan, the following information will be provided: the client’s diagnosis, the service code for the session, and the prescribed frequency of treatment. Treatment will be provided either in person at the Life Connections Counseling Office which is located at 408 N. Cedar Bluff Rd. Suites 305 & 550, Knoxville, TN 37923 or via telehealth at the client’s discretion. 

Clients may contact the billing office with any questions regarding costs at 865-888-5818. Charges for services will be as follows: 

List of Service Rates

(Costs vary depending on Clinician’s Licensure/Experience)


ProviderIntake AppointmentSession FeeCancellation FeeNPI #
Ayse Wise$200$125$451538215769
Audra Fegley$200$125$451932340361
Lindsey McCray$200$125$451972986586
Gail Clift$200$125$451770548000
Angelique Zimcosky$85$85$451831630417
Chris Burns$65$65$451174019087
Claire Pierce$70$70$451447856695
Catherine Hallam$85$85$451639703747
Stephaine Schell$70$70$451588245005
Graham Murray$85$85$451699371963
Lisa Frost$150$95$451518039577
Mary Ridenour$85$85$451679810063
Megan Rapien$150$95$451982934030
Melissa Woodby$150$95$451083012488
Kim Deaton$150$95$451558315374
Kelly Blosser$150$95$451376049312
Taira Burns$85$85$451609477058
Sarah Weddington$150$95$451679690507
James Moore$85$85$451386167955
John Mason$85$85$451063644789
Tara Thomas$150$95$451194074146
Stacy Gruhn$65$65$451174019087
Melanie Vance$65$65$451255820874
Dustin Harvey$85$85$451558738559
Anna Jenkins$60$60$451174019087
Jane Jensen$65$65$451598900037
Lauren Shockley$40$40$251174019087
Rebecca Gaylor$40$40$251174019087
Madison Gabriel$40$40$251174019087
Kelly Woodburn$40$40$251174019087
Karee Dunn$120$120$451174019087
Hannah Crawford$40$40$251174019087
Hayley Jeffers$40$40$251174019087