Our journey begins with a customized approach.

This is a page to add information on your areas of expertise. List your specializations including a brief description, or add additional sub-pages for each specialization.

  • Depression: Delete this text and add your description.
  • Anxiety: Delete this text and add your description.
  • OCD: Delete this text and add your description.


Delete these instructions before you go live.

To add a page go to: Pages > Add New

To make it a sub-page set Page Attributes: Parent > Specialties


Add Menu Item: Pages with (no parent) will be automatically added to the Main Menu as a top level page. However, sub-pages need to be added manually.  To add your sub-page to the menu visit Menus.  [Select Menu to edit: Main Menu] Check the page(s) you want to add from the list provided, then select [Add to Menu].  Page(s) selected will be added to the bottom of the menu list shown. Drag the page(s) you added under the desired parent page in the sub item position (slight indent). Make sure to hit [Save Menu].

Remove Menu Item: If you remove a top level parent page you also have to remove it from your Main Menu. To do this go to Menus > Select Main Menu > Select Page > Remove.