Michael Lott is an intern with the humanistic and holistic-focused Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Saybrook University. My areas of specialty include working with life transitions, anxiety, anger, grief and depression, self-esteem, family conflicts, relationship issues, men’s issues, stress, caregivers of individuals with dementia, and working with highly sensitive people (HSP).   As a member of the LGBTQ community, he also enjoys supporting my community in navigating the many layers of trauma and healing on their journey of coming fully into their true self.  Michael has primarily worked with adults and also has a special place in his heart for supporting teens, preteens, and young adults.  As a counselor, he enjoys working with various evidence-based approaches through a holistic and trauma-informed lens. Michael utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as his foundation and integrating several other treatment approaches, such as cognitive, emotions-focused, family systems, person-centered, mindfulness-centered, and strength-based approaches to name a few. He believes self-compassion is a critical piece in all healing, and as a counselor, he aims to create a compassionate, safe, and brave space together where you can be seen and heard.   He also brings a wealth of experience integrating expressive arts into the therapeutic experience.