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What mental health providers need to know about working with ASD

Improving Communication With Your Kids

I hear many parents say: “we have tried everything and nothing works or gets through to our kid”. Children may…

Shift Your Mindset During a Pandemic

Have you noticed a change in your daily mindset during this recent pandemic? You are not alone, check out this…

Don’t Pull the Career Ladder Up:
How Counselors Can Support the ASD Population through Career Counseling

A national survey indicated about half of those surveyed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) held some form of employment within…

Threats, shootings and kids.

Family Trauma Specialist talks about threats, shootings and kids.  

Talking to your children about school violence

  Few events hit home for children and families like a school shooting. When children see such an event on…

How video games can affect your child.

Have you ever given your screaming toddler a phone just so you can make it through the grocery store? Have…

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